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Thanks for stopping by the Neo Marketing website. We are a small Glasgow marketing and advertising agency. Just Glasgow. No office in London, no office in New York; everything happens in Glasgow, because Glasgow is awesome.

We’re small, but we are mighty. We've gone up against, and bettered, much bigger agencies them for awards including Best Client Campaign and Consumer Engagement. We've attracted some of the most progressive big brands you've heard of, and a lot of small brands you’ll be hearing a lot from soon.

Our services span the full spectrum of marketing, design, advertising and social. We can supply everything that an emerging brand needs to push awareness and drive sales, all the way from research and strategy, to creative, design, development and engagement.





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We work mostly with small and medium enterprise, but here are some of our better known clients:

Red Bull
Fuel Locker
Sugar Cube
Spinx Medical
Tusk Plant and Civil Engineering
Abellio Scotrail

What they say

"We set Neo Marketing the brief of designing a logo for our family business that would encompass the company's extensive heritage with our fresh and modern approach. They are professional and dedicated; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Neo Marketing and we will certainly continue to utilise their services in the future. "

– James Eddie - WAA Eddie

"Since using Neo for our re-brand in 2011 we're happy to say we have continued the relationship by using them for all information booklets, leaflets, trade show displays and digital maintenance. "

– Claire Bullen - Sphinx Medical

"We've worked exclusively with Neo right from the start, and they continue to create visually striking posters and flyers & graphics for social media and our website"

– Richard Cook - Sugar Cube

"All of the the work Neo created for the Annie Lennox event was perfect. They injected their creativity, yet remained focused on the objective of each item and the entire project."

– Louise Irvine - Oxfam


Scotland Marketing & Advertising Agency





Marketing Strategy & Services

The best creative in the world is nothing if its not based on a foundation of solid marketing strategy, and the key to strong marketing strategy is knowledge. 

To develop targeted, insightful creative, we must:


We need to know who your products/brands are best suited to, or where there is a gap in the market.


Knowing where they shop, how they interact, how they are entertained and how they spend their money.


A direct competitor is a business or brand that a consumer/end user could easily use instead of using your goods or services, while the fringe competitor’s category is much broader. A fringe competitor for a coffee shop may be bar or restaurant in the area.


Doing a little digging on some of your key competitors will offer insights into how they successful, why they are successful, and where the opportunities are to out-do them.


The trading environment is one element often overlooked by many. Be it from naivety or ignorance, not being aware or competitor’s plans, legislation or changing consumer attitudes can be game-ending.


By undertaking a marketing audit, we look at the skills and abilities within your team, the management environment and the flow of information between the two. The marketing audit usually highlight areas where some design, promotion or social interactivity came be executed within your business. 


The next steps...

Developing your strategy

After interpreting the data, we start to develop a long-term plan for engaging with your ideal audience, bettering your competition and becoming a big player in your marketplace. 


This what we term as 'Pulling the trigger'. We set about planning, designing, writing and developing to take your marketing plan from words to actions. 


Graphic Design

We have hired the creative and strategic talent so you don't have to. Having worked with businesses in FMCG, hospitality, the licensed trade, law, biomedical, real estate and financial services, we have current, cross-sector experience that your internal marketing team won't. We also have the ability to structure and deploy end-to-end campaigns in-house, on time and within budget.



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Website Design

Before we put pen-to-paper or mouse-to-pad we go through a few questions with our clients. These questions establish:

  • ♦  Site objectives
  • ♦  The target audience
  • ♦  The main competitors
  • ♦  The information you want to share
  • ♦  Positive and negative aspects of current site
  • ♦  Current logo and colour scheme
  • ♦  Online and offline marketing and promotion efforts
  • ♦  Budget
  • ♦  Deadlines


The next step is then moving on to the site architecture and quote.

This process ensures a client's website fits their business and fits seamlessly into their brand.


We produce websites that are designed to be updated by clients themselves. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can update a Neo Marketing website. As a part of every website package we provide training and step-by-step instructions on this website.


Option components that can be integrated into a Neo Marketing website are:

  • ♦  Payment Systems
  • ♦  Image Galleries
  • ♦  Slideshows
  • ♦  Movie Player
  • ♦  Live Feeds
  • ♦  Forums
  • ♦  Dynamic Maps
  • ♦  Real Estate Listings
  • ♦  Event Calendars
  • ♦  Live Chat / Instant Messaging
  • ♦  Online Project Management / Collaboration


Social & SEO

They say the best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google; no one will ever find it...

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a much misunderstood process of getting a website ranking higher in the search engines. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing use complex algorithms to justify search engine rankings for each website they index.

Unfortunately a sprinkling of keywords through a site's metatags is no longer enough. At risk of activating the cliché alarm; CONTENT IS KING!

Not only content, but relevant, regularly updated content is one of the most important factors for a sites ranking. As a business owner or manager, this falls on your shoulders. You know more about your business than anyone else and while we can tweak your content, you are the best person to write it.


Other factors include inbound links (links from other respected websites), page titles, page descriptions, even alternate text from an images are taken into account.


While your business and customers may be in Glasgow or Edinburgh (or anywhere else in the UK), search engines are listing you against websites worldwide. This means you are not only competing against the other business in your street, in Glasgow, in Scotland or the UK, you are competing for a good search engine position with the rest of the world.


While each of our websites include basic search engine optimisation, we have a range of packages to push your website to the front page.


The Proof is in the Pudding

So here's the pudding; search for Glasgow Nightclub on Google; we have two clients pushing for that search term: Sugar Cube and Boho. Or you could search for 'Photobooth Scotland'; the preferred search term for our Client, Smilebooth.


Who we are

Neo Marketing is made up of a small core of creative professionals led by Gene Munro. In it's short history Neo has won national awards for Best Client Project and Consumer Engagement in addition to working with some of the most recognised brands in B2B, B2C and not-for-profit. Gene has experience in and out of the creative industries in the UK, Australia and the United States, applying all he has learned to make Neo Marketing one of the most progressive marketing and advertising agencies in Scotland.

The approach that Gene has fostered within Neo is a very systematic approach to tasks, starting with the end-date and working backwards to build a process timleline. This cuts out unnecessary tasks, saving money for the client.

Along with defining the end-date, the main objective, secondary objectives are agreed before moving on to identifying the controlling parameters such as budget, timescales and the client’s internal capabilities. 

The next step is to develop the strategy involving print, outdoor, digital, radio social & events based on a GANTT process timeline, while concurrently developing creative concepts.

The creative concepts are then presented to the client for a predetermined amount of revisions. Once approved, the final creative concept is applied to all elements of the project, including logo, identity, websites, social profiles, letterheads, business cards, trade show displays, advertising, social media maintenance and anything else that the project requires.

Finally the project is reviewed with the client, identifying positive points and areas the will need attention in future. 

Our Creative Process








We are located on the street level at 85 St Georges Rd, Charing Cross